How to Set Blank Status On Whats app | Empty whatsapp status

Good day, Infinity Tips readers. We are finally sharing a WhatsApp trick or an article on how to Set blank WhatsApp status after a long period (now it has been changed to about).

This empty WhatsApp status trick is one of the most popular tricks that people are looking for.

Officially, there is no option to leave your WhatsApp status blank, and the service does not enable users to do so.

However, as our name implies, we offer a remedy for having an empty status. If you are not a regular reader of infinity tips, don’t forget to check the Text Formatting Feature In Whatsapp.

Many WhatsApp methods for no status are accessible, but they are no longer functioning, therefore Infinity tips in today’s article working WhatsApp technique to set blank WhatsApp status.

There are a few WhatsApp tricks, such as using the WhatsApp symbol to have no status on WhatsApp. Both methods are compatible with Android and iOS devices.

  • Remove WhatsApp (Formerly known as WhatsApp status).
  • Use Unsupported Characters/Emoji to have no status on WhatsApp [Recommended]

Method 1 – Use Unsupported Characters – Invisible character

How to Set a Blank WhatsApp Status on an Android Phone

  1. First, you must copy the two symbols shown below.

Symbol:- (                             )

  1. Go to WhatsApp and click on the three-dot menu symbol.
  2. Now, touch on Profile Name, then on ‘About’ Status, and last on Edit.
  3. Delete the existing status and replace it with the copied symbol (copied from 1st step).
  1. Now, take off the Arrow Sign() from the copied symbol. So you’re down to the second symbol now.
  2. Now press the Ok button to witness the miracle. You finished the stage successfully. Check your WhatsApp status with your pals.

Note: You must copy and paste both symbols before removing the first. If you merely copy the second symbol, the empty WhatsApp status trick will not work.

We had a video lesson produced on the Infinity Tips youtube channel that will lead you through the procedure for better comprehension or if you don’t enjoy reading text.

How to Set Blank stories on WhatsApp

If you are looking for a tutorial on how to post blank WhatsApp stories, here is the place to be.

You may now publish blank WhatsApp stories. If you’ve ever observed that when you open WhatsApp to submit a WhatsApp story, you have to add a photo or write something in order to do so. You can’t post stories on WhatsApp if you don’t have a character.

Today we will go over the method that will guide you in doing so; all of the steps are detailed below.

Step 1: First, open the No-word app and install it on your Android phone via Google Play.

Step 2: Now launch the application and maintain all of the settings as they are, then click on the copy button. This will replicate the WhatsApp invisible text, often known as empty text.

Step 3: Open WhatsApp and navigate to the status area.

Step 4: Tap the edit icon to access the post stories option, and you’ll notice a flashing cursor. Tap and paste the copied WhatsApp invisible text.

Step 5: The send buttons for posting WhatsApp tales should now be visible. You have successfully sent blank tales on WhatsApp after clicking the submit button.

That’s the trick to set black about whats app and black status on whats app, I hope know the trick and share it with your friends.

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