How To Close Fisdom Demat Account Online – Fisdom demat account charges

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How to close  fisdom Demat account. Because, as you may be aware, you may make a lot of money by joining the Bank Saathi app’s Refer and Earn programme, but if you do not delete this freedom account within one year, your AMC will be deducted. 

Fisdom demat account charges

Although you are not required to pay any money after opening a fisdom Demat account, you must pay an annual maintenance charge of Rs299 for the Demat account. So, if you want to register a Demat account with Freedom Account, you should first learn about the hidden charges, since if you open it and are unable to terminate it in a timely manner, you will have a major problem. Perhaps, but I’d want to point out that if you register a Demat account with Fisdom, the firm will not remove any money from your bank account for their MC fee, but your Demat account would be debited.

How to close  Fisdom Demat Account

If you want to close your do not disturb Demat account, call their customer service number, which is Fisdom Customer Care Number – 9642596425. This is the Fisdom Demat account customer service number, and you may make your Demat by calling this number. By emailing their email address, you can request to shut the account or deactivate or close the Freedom Demat account. You can see your UCC ID, date of birth, mobile number, and registered email ID. is Fisdom’s email address.

Fisdom demat account charges

So, as I previously stated, you have two alternatives for closing your Fisdom account: first, you may phone them and acquire information about it, and second, you can email them to close it. You will be sent the Demat account closure form, which you will fill out and send to them via mail or fast post. They will close your Demat account or, if you have a trading account, they will close both the trading and Demat account after receiving your paperwork.

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